The following activities are being carried out every year.
In continuation to the above mentioned aims and objects our special endeavour will be:

  • 1. Class Assembly and Daily Prayer
  • 2. Cultural Activites: Dramas, Nritya, Folk Dances, Garba and Ras, Fancy Dress, Action Songs etc.
  • 3. Celebration of festivals
  • 4. Education Excusions and tours
  • 5. Social Service and Community welfare activities
  • 6. Science club/ Astronomy Club
  • 7. News and Bulletin Board
  • 8. Project Library / Class Library
  • 9. Philatelic Club
  • 10. Students' Council
  • 11. Students' Canteen
  • 12. Sports
  • 13. OSA(Old Students' Association)
  • 14. Free Counseling
  • 15. Work Shop and Seminars.


A wide spectrum of extra-curricular activities and events complements K.C. Public School's learning programme. These activities imbibe in them the qualities like team spirit, tolerance, flexibility and appreciating others on their achievements, which in turn enriches and builds their character
Following Are some Extra-curricular Activities.

  • 1. Yoga
  • 2. Football practice
  • 3. Carrom
  • 4. Ashaghad
  • 5. Exhibition
  • 6. Canteen Day
  • 7. Art Contest
  • 8. Western Music
  • 9. School Band
  • 10. Excursions
  • 11. Book Fair
  • 12. The School Choir
  • 13. Debates

Public Speaking & Dramatics

Speech and Drama are taught as a part of regular curriculum. At all levels the emphasis is laid on improving communication skills and enhancing self-confidence through stage performances and role-plays. The schools stages a major drama production every year and as many children as possible are involved not only as actor/actresses but behind the scenes as well.

Art Studio

The School has facilities for children to work with a wide range of media including drawing, painting, graphics, printing, ceramics, clay modeling, glass painting, collage etc. Children are encouraged to be creative in their work and to explore the hidden potential within them.

Music and Dance

Emphasis is laid on appreciation of vocal as well as instrumental music. The students are encouraged to perform both classical and folk dances on the stage and are given full support to improve their skills


The Yoga programme aims to promote health and overall physical development of each child. A wide range of activities are offered and a strong emphasis is placed on enjoyment and self-development


The sports programme strives to develop every student's physical capabilities and to develop qualities such as courage, confidence, self-discipline and sportsmanship.

Tours & Excursions

Outdoor programs play a major role in the school activity. Each school organizes various visit such as to Bank, Railway Station, Community Center, Factories, Super Market & at different sites in city and State to enable the students to explore different types of terrain, weather, flora & fauna and to create an ecological and environmental awareness.


"Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation."

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